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Sacramento ATOD Prevention Coalition

A.Coalition Purpose: The purpose of National Education Enrichment Development Services ATOD Prevention Coalition is to facilitate planning, build capacity, conduct needs assessments, and focus on implementation planning, and establishing, evaluation tools to measure outcomes of success.

B.Coalition Vision: National Education Enrichment Development Services, Sacramento ATOD Prevention Coalition shall ensure a safe and healthy environment, free from disparities of the impact of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The  Sacramento ATOD prevention coalition established sound ethnic and fiduciary  practices by all members of the community through policy, community mobilization, education and environmental design.

C.Mission: To aid in the prevention of ATOD in Sacramento, and to focus on a drug free community. The coalition will work to reduce the rates of (1) Alcohol, (2) Marijuana, and (3) Prescription Drugs ass factors in the community and will work with coalition of coalitions to expand the cause. Further the coalition will be promoting factors to reduce the risk of substance abuse. (Substances include. But are not limited to narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, cannabis, inhalants, alcohol, tobacco, where their use is prohibited by Federal law.
Establish and strengthen collaboration among communities, private non-profit agencies, Federal, State, Local and tribal governments, to support eh efforts of community coalitions to prevent reduce substance abuse among youth.       

D.Coalition Goals: (1) To build partnerships with members of our community to maximize resources, deliver high quality services, and be recognized as setting the standard for excellence; (2) To influence change and to be committed to continually enhancing the quality of life.  (3) To set direction, promote policies and community norms which reduce and eliminate problematic conditions and promote accountability among all community sectors.

The four core outcomes for the Coalition program include: 
  • Average age of onset
  • Past 30-day use
  • Perception of risk/harm of use
  • Perception of parental disapproval of use.

The  ultimate goals for the coalitions are to:
1) Increase community collaboration to address youth substance use problems.
2) Reduce substance use among youth.

Coalitions connect with community at a grassroots level to help identify and respond to their unique local drug problems-utilizing environmental strategies to change community factors that may contribute to youth substance use.

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