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N.E.E.D.S feels that individuals have a right to self-determination.  Individuals have the power to change.  
Participants should feel empowered to:  
·Decide whether they want service, what services or how much and from whom.
·Be active in the planning of service
·Services must recognize the role of the family.  Family involvement should be   supported by:
·Seeking out the family when permitted by participant
·Involving them in service plan when permitted by participant
·Direct services and resources toward the family.  
Services should be a part of a coordinated network of community-based services, using all appropriate existing community services and identifying the need for developing additional services.  In providing services to participants, the full range of social work skills focused on person centered planning will be used to inform participants of services and alternatives available and the impact of decisions to assure informed choices.  We shall consider strength-based and solution-focused techniques.
Culturally Sensitive Services
N.E.E.D.S has made a commitment to provide services that are culturally sensitive to our population needs.  We      believe in a ethnical and social diverse workforce including bilingual/bicultural staff.  We will deliver services in ways that respect the ethnic identity of our participants and cultural practices.  We will make every effort to provide services to all community members especially those who have lacked service provision in the past. We will also make every effort to provide gender-specific programming.
Program Objectives
Achieving and maintaining long-term abstinence from alcohol and drugs will be accomplished by:
·Educating clients in the disease process, ensuring they develop an understanding of addiction
·Teaching the psychological, medical, and spiritual affects of addiction to the individual and his/her family.
· Identifying and addressing emotional and behavioral obstacles in recovery.
·Relapse Prevention: developing and implementing an effective aftercare Treatment plan
Target Population
• Adults over 18 years
• Adolescents aged 12-17 years (Parental/legal guardian involvement is required.)
• Adults and adolescents with a DSM-IV diagnosis of substance abuse and a psychiatric disorder.
• Adults and adolescents with a significant psychiatric problem for whom substance abuse is  complicating the course and treatment of that disorder.
• Adults and adolescents with a physical condition that is complicated by substance abuse.
• Adults experiencing substance abuse that  results in significant physical complications.
• Adolescents with academic difficulties that are complicated by substance abuse.
• Referral, Screening and Assessment (Potential clients call N.E.E.D.S. and speak with someone at the screening center.  They will be screened for eligibility for the N.E.E.D.S. Program.  The SASSI (Adult and Adolescent) screening instrument will be used.  The local mental health center of the Sacramento County will provide psychiatric evaluation and oversee pharmacological treatment.
• Comprehensive Bio-psycho-Social Adult Assessment (All clients are assigned a case manager who performs, in collaboration with a licensed practitioner, a        two-hour, bio-psychosocial assessment using the Addiction Severity Index and psychiatric review with corroboration from family members, employers and other health care professionals involved in the patient’s care.  Other assessments may include psychiatric, physical, occupational, psychological, and family evaluations.
• Health and Psychological Screening (Following receipt of a letter from a physician or community agency identifying current problems and brief history including the patient’s demographic data, an intake counselor from the Addiction Centre contacts the patient, gathers all pertinent information and then schedules an appointment for assessment.
• Participants will receive the Admission Criteria
• Participants will agree to the Codes of Conduct of the program
• Participants will receive information regarding the program content, the expectations of the participant, and their rights and responsibilities
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