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California Responsible Beverage Server Training

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We offer California responsible sales and service training. Our seller/server training course is designed to promote the legal and responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages in California.

RBS training is for anyone selling alcoholic beverages in a store or serving drinks in a bar or restaurant. Bartenders, waiters, and their managers who are RBS certified are more successful in stopping underage drinking and in recognizing the signs of intoxication.

Our course focuses on the skills and techniques used to recognize the signs of intoxication and how to intervene to keep your patrons and establishment safe. The training also covers underage drinking, ID checking, and much more.

Course Services

Complete this 6 course in one day. After successfully completing this course and the 20 multiple choice question final exam, you will be given your RBS Certificate of Completion.

Your certification is valid for 2 years from the date of course completion.

If you work in a mandatory city or county you may be required to carry your certification while selling and/or serving the alcoholic beverages

If you lose your RBS certificate and need a replacement, you can obtain additional copies.

RBS Training Requirements

RBS training is not mandatory at the state level, however many cities and counties have made RBS training mandatory. Depending on the city or county you work in you may be required to complete an RBS program. Your employer may also mandate RBS certification as a requirement for employment.

Course Outline

Our online California Alcohol Seller/Server Training Course contains four units of instruction, a course review, a supplement covering alcohol sales and service laws specific to California, and an online final exam. Below is a detailed course outline of topics covered in the course.

Course Outline

1. Responsible Sales and Service
2.Minors and Age Verification & Age Verification and ID Checking
3.Physical Effects of Alcohol, Absorption Factors, Alcohol and Drugs
4.Intoxication, Indicators of Intoxication, Test Your Skills, Managing Drinking Behavior,          Stopping Alcohol Service, Creating a  Safe Environment
5 .California Alcohol Seller/Server Laws
6. 20 multiple-choice questions - you must score at least 70% to pass
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