RBS Training ServicesCultural Broker Services

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Cultural Brokers Help
Families and Providers
Bridge the Cultural Divide

N.E.E.D.S works as cultural brokers, and have 
• assess and understand our own cultural
identities and value systems;
• recognize the values that guide and mold
attitudes and behaviors;
• understand a community’s traditional health
beliefs, values, and practices and changes that
occur through acculturation;
• communicate in a cross-cultural context;
• interpret and/or translate information;
• advocate with and on behalf of children,
youth, and families;
• negotiate health, mental health, and other
service delivery systems; and
• mediate and manage conflict.

How can we help by : Bridging the gap
between both the provider and the family through
1) clarifying the reasons why the appointments
were needed and missed; 2) setting an example
of how patients and providers can have a
dialogue to discover their respective beliefs
and practices that are immersed in culture;
3) identifying cultural beliefs and practices about
respecting professionals who are in positions of
authority; and 4) mediating a compromise
between the family’s values and practices vs.
recommendations of the medical community.

N.E.E.D.S is a African American women Own Corporation

Contact Dr. Kala Thomposn-Taylor, B.A. M.S. M.B.A, PsyD
for services at: (916) 402-4874