Our “Mission & Objective” is to aid those who are underrepresented. We are dedicated to creating tools and services to help the general population get back on their feet and start more productive and more joyful lives.

 Our Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Treatment Program provides a supportive and caring environment. Our clients are able to obtain the goals of long term recovery support. We believe in guiding each and every client through each and every step in becoming clean and sober. We also acknowledge and will strive to help the client work on any underlying core issues, which may include anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, Traumatic brain injuries, Family separation support due to military deployment, PTSD, etc. In that attempt, we will provide traditional counseling & addiction treatment for adults and their families with an emphasis on maintaining long-term recovery through innovative evidence based methodologies and individualized treatment planning.

N.E.E.D.S, understand that high quality recovery services are needed.  N.E.E.D.S, will strive to maintain the most cost effective yet comprehensive and successful program possible in order to meet the needs of every income strata.

 N.E.E.D.S, also realize that those who are battling addiction use up a disproportionate amount of resources. Many individuals miss more working days and are often less productive than fellow workers. Addiction to substances results in more automobile accidents, emergency room visits, and 911 emergency calls. Substance abuse addiction actions exacerbate the problems of overcrowded court dockets, probation systems, jails, prisons, and juvenile detainment facilities. 

 N.E.E.D.S, believes in recovery and the concept that one does not become addicted in one day, and recovery does not happen overnight. Through treatment and education, a large majority of addicts can be directed toward a new path of being sober and productive members of society. 

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