National Educational Enrichment Development Services A Non Profit Organization
N.E.E.D.S Using your donations to change the lives of many.

National Education Enrichment Development Services, 
is a Non Profit Corporation. Secretary State Filing# 2711179 
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Treatment Services
  • Comprehensive treatment and recovery support assessment
  • Recovery Support Assessment Only
  • Outpatient Treament
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Short-Term Adolescent Residential Treatment
  • Short-Term Adult Residental Treatment
  • Recovery Support
  • Care Coordination
  • Assement Services
  • Treatment planning, Individual and group counseling
  • Individual family therapy, Multiple family group therapy
  • Education group, Drug testing
  • Residential bed day
  • Educational services, Employment services
  • Mentoring, Spiritual coaching, Transportation
  • Child Care, Care Coordination Services
RBS Training ServicesCultural Broker Services

N-E-E-D-S Adhere to Covid19 Guideline based on CDC/ Public Health recommendations.