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The intensive outpatient program is a year long and made up of three 24-week treatment phases; Followed by six months of aftercare. This program can be designed to fit an individuals needs. During the intensive treatment component, participants are involved in a variety of group modalities in addition to weekly individual counseling sessions. Both day and evening tracks are available to better accommodate patient's work or other scheduals.

Phase 1. Participants attend a minimum of two, ninety minute group sessions per day, either three or five days per week.

These include:

Orientation, Chemical Dependency Education, Release Prevention, Basic Group Process Work, Family Education and Multi-Family Group, 12-Step Education, Anger Management and Life Management.

Phase 2. Participants attend a minimum of two, ninety minute group sessions, two times a week. The central focus of phase 2 is on identifying and resolving new and long standing obstacles to the recovery process, and developing an ongoing personal recovery program apart from treatment.
Phase 3. Participants attend a minimum of two, ninety minute group sessions per day, one time per week. The main focus of this phase is to continue to address day-to-day recovery issues while preparing to utilize one's personal skills, family support and community resources in order to live satisfying and sober life-styles.
After Care. After care consists of weekly group meetings and semi-monthly alumni meetings for people who complete the 24-week program, and addresses day-to-day and long-term recovery issues.
Family Education. Weekly Family Education Groups are held to educate and involve family members in treatment.